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Facebook is Trying Out a Satire Tag Because Crazy Aunt Gertie and Uncle Harold Don't Get It

Ah yes, catering to the idiots. Just what we needed.

On. Freaking. Point.

I love hearing musicians’ takes on the industry. Especially from “successful” artists (AKA: On a major label and surviving for 12 years).

"I think a lot of times people see the Justin Biebers and see how much money and see the Ferrari and just assume that if you’re on a major label, you’ve got that same Ferrari in your garage. Where in all reality, I am literally on Universal Republic Records and I have a second job… That’s to provide groceries for my family. That’s crazy to me… If I’m having to get a second job, I can’t even imagine what these bands that are pulling a trailer with their van are going through.”

tl;dr: For the time being, use Spotify instead of downloading music. It’s still free.


Denny Smart Bike

That wet tire fender may be the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. Getting where you’re biking with a mud stripe up your back is the worst.

So now celebrities, who are the ones who can probably afford to donate the most money to a cause, are dumping water on their heads in order to avoid a donation and to get social media recognition instead?

Got it.